Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cuz Baby Tonigh-Chapter 6

Rahul-She is my friend why will she lie to me?
Trisha-And I am not your anything right?that’s why I will cheat on you and lie to you.This hurts much more than you doubting me…you believe Michelle and not me.
Rahul-That’s not what I meant
Trisha-That’s exactly what you meant
She ran to her apartment which was just a few blocks away tears streaming down her face .Her heart breaking with a deafening sound and numbing pain.
As soon as she reached their apartment she tore the present she had made for Rahul into a thousand pieces just like her heart  .
She packed her bags and left the apartment leaving a letter for Rahul.
She met Michelle in the staircase she stopped and gave her an angelic smile
Trisha-You Bitch
She slapped Michelle hard on her smug face and left.
He didn’t know the reason why he didn’t follow her to their apartment
He was too shocked to think about anything.He had roamed in the streets of Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast  for ages not knowing what to do.He knew what he did was wrong and he shouldn’t have mistrusted Trisha;The girl who had loved him since she was 11 .The girl who had never dated anyone else even when they were not together because she loved him even when he didn’t.He felt like kicking himself hard.Most people in the world spend their entire life waiting/searching for some one who loves them with all their heart without any selfish reason he had a person who loved him in the most selfless way possible and he hurt her ,he made her cry.He was a perfect arse.He reached the beach .He sat on the sand remembering all the moment  he and Trisha shared on this  beach.It broke his heart to think that they may not be the couple they used to be and it was all his fault.At sunrise he finally decided to go back to the apartment

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