Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cuz Baby Tonight The DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again-Chapter 3

As she entered the restaurant where Rahul had proposed her 5 years ago she could not help but remember that night!

She did not know why she was here….rahul had called her and had told her to come here….she was so angry with Rahul he called her a jealous stalker.Ok!she did stalk Rahul and Naina for a while as she was a teeny weeny bit jealous and afraid to loose Rahul to Naina.Maybe he had called her to apologize .

As soon as she entered the restaurant she heard Rahul’s voice..she searched for him in vain.

Suddenly everything went dark ..and there were two spot lights one on her and one on rahul who seemed to have magically appeared.Rahul took a step and sang :
“Tu Jaan Hai Armaan Hai Mere Pyaar ki Pehchan Hai
Par Thodi Thodi Tu nadaan Hai”
Trisha looked at him questioningly he smiled and took a step closer to her
“Tu Jo Kahegi Mein Vaisa Karoonga
Teri har zidd ko Pura Karoonga”
Trisha smiled on the inside but put a fake frown on her face as she was still annoyed at him for calling her a jealous stalker and tears formed in her eyes and she took a step closer to him
“Chalo Baba Maaf Karo Hans Bhi Do
Maine Dil Saaf Keh Bhi Do”
Rahul held is ears and then he folded his hands .Trisha now could not help but smile and they both took a step closer to each other
“Roothna Maanana Hai Pyaar Ki Ada
Kaise Jeeyonga mein tumse hoke juda ?”
They took one more step and they finally reached their destination-each other’s arms!

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