Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cuz Baby Tonight The DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again-Chapter 1

Cuz baby tonight

the DJ got us falling in love again

Yeah baby tonight

the DJ got us falling in love again

Trisha lip-synced the song as she entered the snazzy disco trying to calm herself.

She was extremely confused.How is one supposed to behave in the pre-wedding party of the person she loves?She wondered .Taking a deep breath and putting on a fake smile on her face she opened the doors.She hated herself for being so bitter on his special day.All she wanted was for him to be happy.Isnt that what love about?Its not's more about doing everything you can to see a smile on the face of the person of you love than being with them.But then for her the question-what is love?was always rhetorical it had no real definition everyone had different versions about what love is.She hit herself on her head...this was not the correct time to think about the definition of love..Focus Trish Focus..she mumbled to herself this was not the time to think about the definition of love..There was a time when he loved her but now he was marrying Anjali.She knew she had to move on .Falling in love is easy its the falling out part which is always difficult and he was Rahul the person she had loved since she was 11 years old.

She spotted Rahul and Anjali on the dance floor.Maybe it was only her but Rahul seemed unhappy and uncomfortable.Before she had time to think about it more rahul’s sister Kanika hugged her tightly came!

Trish-I cant believe I did..but I wanted to be there with him on his special day ..i know it will mean a lot to him

Kanika-Mad you are!you still love him na?

Trisha(a sad smile on her face) -How can I not?

Kanika-He doesn’t deserve it

Trisha-Shut up!(she slapped Kanika lightly)

Kanika shook her head in amazement!

Kanika Pulled Trisha to the dance floor!

Kanika-I love your dress!especially the color ..a little black dress with red!

Trisha-Thank You!

At that moment Rahul turned and he saw Trisha.

She could have sworn that his eyes lit up when he saw her but maybe it was just a trick of light!

Their eyes met and she knew they both were thinking about the same thing


DJ.. said...

Amazing ........... Pragzie....... do anything in life but don't stop writing :-)

Pragzie said...

Thanks Bro..!:)

malvika said...

wow pragzie... u r gonn a replica of Pocco.......

Pragzie said...

Monty di-aww that is just so sweet of you ..!<3

sayani said...

awesome Prags!!!!!!! we have a great author in making:)