Monday, December 6, 2010

Cuz Baby Tonight The DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again-Chapter 2

2 years Ago:
Trisha grumbled as she entered her apartment.Furious that she ad to work on her anniversary.She had wanted to spend the special day with Rahul.She searched for Rahul in his room but he was not there
Trisha(muttering)-Great now even Rahul is not there!
She slammed open her bedroom door.As she dumped her bags on her bed her eye fell on a note.

Firstly calm down.It’ ok that you had to work on our anniversary’s not like it’s our last one!(Trisha blushed reading this)anyways this day is too precious..let us not waste this day by being sad or angry .I only want you to smile today and think about me and how special you are to me!This day is still not over!
I am waiting for you :)you know where!


P.s-You might want to check your room properly!

Trisha squealed excitedly.She loved surprises especially when they came from Rahul.
After searching a lot she found her present .
Her eyes gleamed seeing the Gucci bag and 5 roses-one for each year they were together.
She opened the Gucci bag and saw a little black dress and a red heels
She almost hugged the red heels.So Rahul was not oblivious of her fetish for red shoes after all!She thought happily .

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