Friday, February 11, 2011

Cuz Baby Tonight-Chapter 10

As soon as the song ended Rahul excused himself and went to search for Trisha
He found out standing in the corner .A glass of scotch in her and tears on her face,her eyes closed.His heart ached to see her like that.
He went up to her and quietly said-I am Sorry
She opened her eyes and said-For?
Rahul-You know for what Trisha.For hurting you always without meaning to
Trisha-Its not your fault.It’s mine I came over here even though I knew it would hurt me.(Taking short breaths) I thought that I could do it.(her voice breaking.Rahul moved forward and held her gently)I thought that I could really do it..see you with Anjali,see you getting married to her.(She let out a slow sob as she held Rahul tighter her hands clutching at his shirt,his hands automatically reaching to comfort her)I can’t Rahul I can’t watch my dreams fall anymore .I am tired……of all thi..s pain you know?D..on’t get me wrong Rahul I am very happy for you .Happy that you have finally found the one you love,the one you want to be with it,your soulmate but I cant help be sad that I am not that girl.It hurts me that while you are my soulmate I cant be yours.It hurts that while I haven’t been able to move on and you have.It breaks my heart Rahul that we are not meant for each other.
Rahul could feel his own eyes getting wet.He held Trisha tighter.Her sobs were making her shiver.He had managed to do the impossible.He had managed to shatter Trisha’s hopes and dreams.The dreams and hopes she had lived on since she was 11.She had loved him unrequitedly and unconditionally since she knew what was love.
Rahul-Trisha never let go of your hopes;your dreams.
Trisha-My dream is now some one else’s dream.
Rahul-Some body’s dream shouldn’t let you go of your own dreams.
Trisha-I am sorry for spoiling your party.I was anyways just leaving.
Rahul-No.Don’t go..please
Trisha-Rahul,I hope you know that I didn’t come to this party to make you feel guilty.
Rahul-I know Trish.
Trisha smiled as after a year Rahul called her Trish
Rahul-Trish.Please stay
Trisha-No Rahul it’s best that I leave.So I guess it’s goodbye(a lump forming in her throat)
Rahul-No.No..No.Just because I am getting married that doesn’t mean that we cant be friends
Trisha-Friends?Rahul that’s the problem .I am not as great as everyone thinks I am .I cannot even stand seeing you two together how will I be able to see you both after you get married
Rahul(His heart breaking.He didn’t want her to go but he didn’t know how to stop her either.He loved her but he didn’t know how to tell her that without sounding like an absolute jerk.He wanted to be with her but he didn’t know how to do that without breaking Anjali’s heart)-I don’t want you to go Trish.
Trisha-Please Rahul don’t start this now.Please

Anjali wondered where Rahul was after the dance he had completely disappeared.She couldn’t help but feel worried and insecure.There was something in Rahul’s eye that disturbed her,troubled her but yet she didn’t know what that was or the reason behind it.

The gate opened and she saw some of Rahul’s friends from Australia entering the lounge.She suddenly felt very nervous she had never met them she had just seen their pictures on Facebook.She wished Rahul was there with her as she knew for that they didn’t know that Rahul was getting married to her.

One of Rahul friend’s-Where’s Rahul?
Kanika-Hey..i think he is over there in the corner
Another friend of Rahul’s-What’s he doing there?
Kanika-I think Trisha is there
Rahul’s friend-No wonder he is there(All of his friends start laughing)
Rahul’s friend-I wonder what the bride and groom are doing all alone 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cuz Baby Tonight-Chapter 9

In The lounge:
Kanika-You know which song to play first right?
Kanika-Good.Thank You
Dj-Can we have the groom and his beautiful bride on the stage please
Rahul looked at Trisha whose lips were in a forced smile.
Anjali pulled him to the dance floor

As the song played Trisha’s heart was crippled by pain as she recognized the song.The feeling of being replaced by some one always over whelms a person.That feeling filled Trisha completely as she saw Rahul and Trisha dance on Book Of Love.She could feel Rahul’s gaze on her.His eyes unreadable .
Fresh tears tears formed in her eyes.Six years ago,she had danced for the first time with Rahul as a “couple” on that very song.It had become “their song”The song they made a point to dance everyday at their anniversary.The song which filled Trisha’s heart with joy now filled her heart with pain.
She ran away from there.
Anjali followed Rahul’s eyes to the place where Trisha had stood just a moment ago.She looked into his eyes.His eyes were distressed and she thought she had seen traces of pain too.She brushed those thoughts aside.Its the party of their engagement why will he be in pain ? She wondered.She raise her eyes questioningly when Rahul finally locked his eyes with her.He shook his head and gave a small smile.Throughout the dance he kept searching for some one,some thing.His eyes now remorseful.It almost felt like if he had the chance he would leave her and go.The thought made her hold Rahul tighter than ever.
Anjali-Rahul,are you ok?
Rahul-Yeah..why will I not be fine?
Choosing to ignore her doubts she rested her head on his chest.
Rahul felt like a jerk,once again.He was so sure that he loved Anjali and that he had gotten over Trisha.But when he saw Trisha today he could no longer deny the feelings hid in his heart.When Trisha ran out of the lounge tears streaming down her face he felt the urge to reach out and to her comfort her.He almost did but that was when he remembered that he was dancing with Anjali,his fiancée,at their engagement party.He loved Anjali maybe not in the way he loved Trisha but he did love her,and it was that love that held him from running away from the dance floor to Trisha.