Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cuz Baby Tonight-Chapter 7

In those rare day,Rahul and Trisha fought,Rahul generally stormed out of their apartment and Trisha would sit in the corner of her room with her knees pulled up to her chest and her hands encircled around her knees.So when Rahul entered the apartment he went straight to Trisha's room.But to his surprise..Trisha was not in her room nor was she  in the apartment.He was beginning to get worried.Rahul saw a letter on Trisha's bed .Instinctively he opened her cupboards and sure enough it was empty he frantically searched all the drawers and they all were empty too.He tore open the envelope and inhaled the smell of Trisha's perfume .Trisha always sprayed her envelopes and letter pads with her favorite perfume.
I am so sorry I left without telling you.I Love You Rahul and that's why I had to leave.I am not strong enough to stay here in this apartment,where we have so many memories,after our breakup and I am sorry for that.I waited for you but you never came. It was not meant to end like this ,was it?It wasn't supposed to be our last anniversary but it is our last one.The time we spent together is the time I will cherish for the rest of my life.If we are meant to be Rahul,I know that we are I still feel it we will end up together someday sometime when fate wants us to but I don't think we are supposed to be together right now. .I tried to make our relationship strong and build up the trust every relationship needs but I evidently failed. I tried hard Rahul,I really did,I don't know where I went wrong and what was the mistake I made.It hurts that I could never get you to trust me.Someone once said that there can be no true love without trust and I agree.You trust only those whom you love.You trust only those who you know love you and wont hurt you.It breaks my heart Rahul that even after all these years you still didn't trust me or believe in my love for you.Thats why I broke up with you,because I cant stay with some body who doesn't trust me and will be suspicious of my every move;I cant stay with somebody who even after 5 years doesn't believe in me or in my love.I am Sorry Rahul.
Love You,
P.s-I know it doesn't make any sense,but it was important for me and for you to know why I broke up.Maybe some would this a stupid reason to break up however for me trust is important and maybe you will tell me that you do trust me but you sure have got a funny way to show it.Bye Rahul..take care of yourself and the apartment .I know you already know where I am going but please dont try and contact me atleast for a few days.Sorry.
The paper fell out of Rahuls hands .His legs gave away and he fell on the floor.He pulled his knees to his chest and his arms around his knees and his head on his arms.He cried like he had never cried before.His sobs shook his body.He had never wanted for her to feel unwanted or unloved as he loved her  and he wanted her more than wanted he needed her.How could he have been so stupid?so insensitive?
Hoo jo bhi mila, woh kho gaya
Tujhko pataa hai aisa hi sadaa hota hai
Jaana hi tha woh jo gaya, dil tu akela aise kyun bhala rota hai

He made the one girl who loved him with all her heart unloved and unwanted.What can be worse than that?Surely nothing.It was in his nature to get insecure easily.He had never felt he deserved Trisha's unconditional love.So he had always felt that someday Trisha would move on to a better guy.His insecurity had only worsened .He knew he was overreacting but still he couldn't stop worrying about Trisha and Sam.His intention was never to hurt Trisha or drive away Trisha.It just happened.
His sobs  only seemed to get worse .He hated himself for hurting Trisha.He felt even worse that Trisha was blaming herself for all this.
Before he could think more about this the bell rang .He went to the washroom to wash his face.The person who was at the door was beginning to annoy him .The bell had rung 10 times in 30 seconds.
Rahul(yelling)-I am coming!Give me a second!
He ran to door and pulled it open ready to shout but what he saw filled him with sadness and fear.Trisha was standing at the door crying hysterically .She was trying to say something but her crying made her incoherent.She finally lost all her strength and was about to fall when Rahul held her and pulled her to his arms.

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