Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cuz Baby Tonight-Chapter 8

He ran to door and pulled it open ready to shout but what he saw filled him with sadness and fear.Trisha was standing at the door crying hysterically .She was trying to say something but her crying made her incoherent.She finally lost all her strength and was about to fall when Rahul held her and pulled her to his arms.
Rahul-Shh!Trisha !Baby(cupping her face,his voice soothing)What happened?
Rahul-What happened to Sam?
Trisha-I..i ..we..nt to his apartment to stay but when I entered I found him ..(her sobs grew luder and she clutched Rahul)I found lying on the floor and a bottle of sleeping pills in his hand
Rhul hugged her tighter-How is he?Trisha-He..
She fainted but Rahul knew the answer.
Back to present:
Trisha finally averted her eyes from Rahul’s.
Rahul-Hi Trisha!I love your dress too.
She forced a smile-“Thank You Rahul”
Rahul smiled he loved the way she said his name.
Rahul”How are you?Its been a really long time since we met or talked”
Trisha-“Hmm..its been one or two years.I am fine .(at that moment Anjali joins them)Congratulations to you both.”
Rahul’s smile faded.He couldn’t understand why she had to come.He knew it was killing her.
Anjali-Thank You*linking her arms with Rahul)
Trisha-Excuse me.(she lowered her voice so only Kanika could hear)while I go and puke..
Kanika smirked.Rahul looked questioningly at her.She shaked her head.
Kanika liked Anjali but she was no Trisha.Her oaf of an brother loved Trisha but he was still marrying Anjali because of his ego that Trisha had wounded.Trisha loved  Rahul but she thought he loved Anjali and she didn’t want her love to come in between.Typical RaTri(that was the name Kanika had invented for them while they were going around).It was time to play Cupid!
Trisha stood at the bar looking at the “IT”couple of the moment
Kanika- having a good time?
Trisha-Oh absolutely.Nothing like watching the person you love with his trophy fiancée.
Kanika rolls her eyes-Then why did you come?
Trisha-Because I had too see it to believe it
Kanika-Believe what?
Trisha-Believe that he is going to marry some one else.Anyways I need a drink.
Kanika-Tell him you love him
Trisha-No.I don’t want him to feel like he’s breaking  my heart
After some-time
Kanika-This aprty is getting boring..lets go to the lounge nearby.It has karaoke and soft music my head is spinning due to this cacophony of rock music
Rahul-You do realize its my wedding party I just cant shift it
Kanika-Please Bhaiyya(giving him an innocent distressed look)
Rahul-ok!fine..only if you tell me what Trisha told you
Rahul-when Anjali joined us
Kanika-Oh!she said “Excuse me while I go and puke”
Rahul laughed-So Trisha to say that.
Kanika-She loves know?
Rahul-I don’t know
Kanika-She does..It’s killing her to be here to see you with Anjali but she’s still here as she knows that it will mean a lot for you if she’s here
Rahul(Drinking his beer in one go)-Let’s go to the lounge.

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