Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cuz Baby Tonight-Chapter 9

In The lounge:
Kanika-You know which song to play first right?
Kanika-Good.Thank You
Dj-Can we have the groom and his beautiful bride on the stage please
Rahul looked at Trisha whose lips were in a forced smile.
Anjali pulled him to the dance floor

As the song played Trisha’s heart was crippled by pain as she recognized the song.The feeling of being replaced by some one always over whelms a person.That feeling filled Trisha completely as she saw Rahul and Trisha dance on Book Of Love.She could feel Rahul’s gaze on her.His eyes unreadable .
Fresh tears tears formed in her eyes.Six years ago,she had danced for the first time with Rahul as a “couple” on that very song.It had become “their song”The song they made a point to dance everyday at their anniversary.The song which filled Trisha’s heart with joy now filled her heart with pain.
She ran away from there.
Anjali followed Rahul’s eyes to the place where Trisha had stood just a moment ago.She looked into his eyes.His eyes were distressed and she thought she had seen traces of pain too.She brushed those thoughts aside.Its the party of their engagement why will he be in pain ? She wondered.She raise her eyes questioningly when Rahul finally locked his eyes with her.He shook his head and gave a small smile.Throughout the dance he kept searching for some one,some thing.His eyes now remorseful.It almost felt like if he had the chance he would leave her and go.The thought made her hold Rahul tighter than ever.
Anjali-Rahul,are you ok?
Rahul-Yeah..why will I not be fine?
Choosing to ignore her doubts she rested her head on his chest.
Rahul felt like a jerk,once again.He was so sure that he loved Anjali and that he had gotten over Trisha.But when he saw Trisha today he could no longer deny the feelings hid in his heart.When Trisha ran out of the lounge tears streaming down her face he felt the urge to reach out and to her comfort her.He almost did but that was when he remembered that he was dancing with Anjali,his fiancée,at their engagement party.He loved Anjali maybe not in the way he loved Trisha but he did love her,and it was that love that held him from running away from the dance floor to Trisha.


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sayani said...

Pragz loved your writing. i read all the chapters at one go.
keep up the good work:)